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    Car Ads: Where Reality Takes A Backseat!

    I once strutted into a car dealership in Albany, New York, fancying myself the next Ansel Adams of automobile photography. I had my camera slung over one shoulder, my portfolio bursting with shots of shiny hubcaps and dramatic rearview mirror reflections, and a confident glint in my eye. But the hiring manager took one look at my resume, pushed up his glasses, and said, “I see you’ve captured the essence of a ’67 Mustang in the golden hour, but where’s your college degree?” I was flabbergasted. Who knew you needed a diploma to snap a picture of a gently used sedan? If you’re like me, you’ve probably sat on your…

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    My Diary From Age 7

    Oh sweet nostalgia, how you catch me in your sugary snare! Gather ‘round, lovely people, for today I share the most illustrious words of a budding young authoress—7-year-old me! Lovingly preserved by my mom, the diary documents the grand odyssey to my grandparents’ farm in Upstate New York. Prepare for a rollercoaster ride through the wacky, whimsical wonderings of my juvenile mind. Ah, the undeniable zenith of my childhood obsessions—Ghostbusters! The adventures of Spengler, Stantz, Venkman, and Zeddemore were my daily bread, their fearless ghost-busting my divine inspiration. My diary teems with the tales of my own spectral pursuits amid the charming disarray of my grandparents’ farm. Ah, one can’t…

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    Whispers From The Campfire: My Journey To Self-Discovery

    In life, there are those fleeting moments, those keyframes, where everything seems to hang in a gentle pause, allowing us to glimpse the deeper truths hidden beneath the surface of our daily lives. As I reminisce about those pivotal moments in my journey, I realize how they sculpted the resilient, independent, and adventurous woman I am today. I remember when I was 14, a tender age where the world seemed a lot simpler, yet immensely complicated. I sat amongst friends, surrounded by the gentle flicker of the campfire that cast elongated shadows on everyone’s faces. The air was thick with promises of everlasting friendship, binding pacts sealed with the innocence…

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    Seeking Happiness

    Throughout human existence, there has existed a common thread—seeking happiness, connection, and purpose. This yearning is universal to the human condition, yet the paths we carve are uniquely our own. If happiness had a blueprint, my life would be infinitely simpler. A loved one by my side, a single passion to pursue, and endless dreams, and possibilities always on the horizon. This trifecta, they say, is the essence of contentment. But my journey, tangled and unpredictable, often leaves me wondering—where’s the map? I am a woman named Thomas. Born amid the flashing lights and echoing sirens of New York City, I now find myself in Vermont, where nature sings a…

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    I Have Been A Lot Different

    I have always been a little different. Even as a young child, when other girls were content with playing princesses and tea parties, I found myself more engrossed in embarking on imagined adventures, climbing trees, and dreaming of the vast, untouched world beyond my backyard. It was a divergence that sometimes isolated me, a tiny ripple in the fabric of conformity that set me apart. Yet, I cherished this difference. I nurtured it. Even then, I understood it as a flame, a flicker of an identity that was distinctively, and blatantly unapologetically, mine. Sky above me, Earth below me, a fiery passion forever burning within me. Thomas Slatin Throughout my…

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    The Art Of Departure: How People Exit Your Life

    Hello, lovely readers. This is Thomas writing to you from a corner of my world, filled with thoughts and heartbeats. Today, I’d like to discuss a topic close to my heart—when relationships end, followed by the departure of people from our lives, and the profound insights it offers about them and ourselves. Let’s face it, the ebbs and flows of relationships can be challenging. There is so much emotion and growth intertwined in the process of bonding, and equally so in the process of parting. Everyone, at some point, will have had someone important drift away or abruptly exit from their lives. The way in which these people leave tells…

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    The Writer’s Vocation: An Echo Across Time

    As I sit patiently at my desk, waiting for inspiration to come, I find myself dwelling on the immense responsibility that rests on my shoulders. I am a writer, a recorder of ideas, and an observer of the daily human drama. Necessarily this means I am also a conservator of my temporal landscape, embodying a role as complex as it is rewarding. All of these things amount to my solemn duty as a writer. The Solemn Duty of a Writer This duty charges me with capturing ideas, those ethereal, fluttering butterflies of thought, before they escape the vast meadow of consciousness. Ideas are intangible, elusive, and yet brimming with such…

  • One last look at 2012. Happy New Year planet Earth!

    Of Stardust And Love

    Once upon a shimmering stardust sky, the resplendent planets of our Solar System danced in cosmic grace. Oh, how they gleamed with boundless affection for one another, these celestial sisters, swathed in veils of stardust, orbiting the golden sun in harmonious synchrony. In the midst of this radiant congregation, sweet Mercury, the littlest whisper of a world, fluttered and twirled. With her nimble feet and swift demeanor, she twirled close to her kin, whispering tales of the Sun’s warm embrace. Beside her, Venus, a goddess in her own rite, adorned in golden veils, serenaded the heavens with her timeless beauty. She wore her clouds like precious jewels, and her heart…

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    Escaping The Influence Of Others’ Perceptions

    A soft, melodic hum threads its way through the complexities of existence, shaping our lives with subtle, almost imperceptible shifts. This tune is the perception we have of ourselves and the world around us, a powerful force capable of altering our paths. In this intricate dance of life, it is paramount to understand that we are not simply marionettes manipulated by these strings of perception. Rather, we are indeed the puppeteers, capable of guiding our own lives, if we dare to seize the power of self-awareness and personal growth. Influences of Others’ Perceptions Imagine, if you will, standing before a mirror, your reflection rippling and shifting in response to the…

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    The Labyrinth Of Intellect

    Sitting in the sterile, impersonal room, the aroma of antiseptic stinging my nostrils, I felt a gnawing unease. My doctor was once again attempting to convince me to take a new medication. This one purported to calm my racing thoughts and soothe my intellectual unrest. But something deep inside me was on high alert. I was convinced that the drugs they were trying to feed me were damaging my intellect, dulling my cognitive prowess, and slowly but surely feeding the cancer of my intellect. My name is Thomas, and I am an individual with an unusually high-functioning intellect. I have always been voracious in my quest for knowledge, an eager…