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Closed & Abandoned Bridge

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16 responses to “Closed & Abandoned Bridge”

  1. closed and abandoned, this really shows it is no longer in use but it looks good from this particular photo. Good shot Tom.

  2. Where is this place? It looks like the whole place is abandoned. Hope you find more abandoned places to take pictures of.

  3. Is the bridge scheduled for a demolition? I wonder if it can be rehabilitated or it was abandoned simply because there’s a newer bridge? The rusted steel still looks very serviceable.

  4. Needed real maintenance. Nice colour choice and really, lots of meaning are embedded in this piece. Thanks Tom

  5. It seems even repairs would not cut it for this bridge. This is a rough bridge and might not need any of repairs.

  6. It seems like this can bridge can still fill the gap. It doesn’t looks like it’s broken or something.

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