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Gold Medal Catalog

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16 responses to “Gold Medal Catalog”

  1. I was expecting a real medal ha ha. Anyway, the colors do pop despite of the darkness. Is that a kids book???

  2. The way you frame the subjects in your photographs are always amazing. It really makes them stand out.

  3. The light plays a vital role in this photo. It isolates the subject making it less distractive to the eyes.

  4. You always take nice pictures.. This is a good one..I wonder what the content of the catalog will be

  5. Love the color contrast in this photo? What camera and editing software (if any) did you use?

  6. The beauty of this picture is how the book stands out from its environment. Just like a Gold Medal.

  7. I would love a chance to try all the foods cataloged in that book. It would be an enticing experience, literally!!!

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