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Hanging By A Moment (Alternate Take)

May 2018

Hanging By A Moment

13 responses to “Hanging By A Moment (Alternate Take)”

  1. Got to say, I prefer this shot from the previous one. I guess the detail is what made this pop despite of its dark theme. At least we have more elements on it. The old one just got a chair if I am not mistaken.

  2. it seem the upper part of the building will soon give way. The alternate shot still look good I believe as anticipated.

  3. Whaooo…. What a brilliant photography shot. The room looks rough and unkempt, that it will surely cause hanging by a moment. Thanks for this post my mentor.

  4. Anybody that enters this building needs to hang on for a moment before proceeding to do anything. Nice caption!

  5. I believe as the caption indicated, if it goes by my own description, this building might hang in for a while before a disaster. Good to see this.

  6. Wow , the place looks like the perfect scenary for a fiction movie, I like the black and White election, and the chair gives it a mystery touch.

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