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I Want My MTV

August 2018

13 responses to “I Want My MTV”

  1. we had one of those when I was a little girl, your picture brougth me a nostalgic but sweet memory.

  2. C’mon Tom, this is hunchback television used in those days. Though, the use of CRT makes this gadget emit heat. Thanjs for bringing the good old times to surface

  3. This is very nostalgic. This was the first TV of my parents. I even watched shows using it. Now though technology has come a very long way.

  4. memories of things just get better on your page. I can remember in my granny sitting room. Good of you to let me view this again.

  5. I didn’t meet this during my days probably because my folks couldn’t afford it then. So I don’t memories of this.

  6. This is really old school . It makes me remember my childhood days. Thanks for this memory bringing post.

  7. This is one of the old set of TVs where you only had one in like a 1km square radius. This made them very special.

  8. Seeing this TV makes me appreciate how far technology has come. We have made great advancements as humanity.

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