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Mountain Cry (Edit)


June 2014

14 responses to “Mountain Cry (Edit)”

  1. Beautiful photo shot of our dear natural settlements. The edit made is very unique that the greenish effect we are used to.

  2. I somehow feel a melancholy vibe from this shot. The far away wisps of mist didn’t help either. It is, indeed, as if the mountain itself is in some kind of distress.

  3. Mountain cry caption makes me think this is a weeping mountain like it comes gushing with enough water Good shot you have here.

  4. Mountain cry; does it means the mountain is crying it is alone amidst many trees or the mountain is full of water. The editing can’t make me see beneath the mountain clearly. Nice shot

  5. This is a brilliantly taken photoshoot. The mountains do cry with the sea breeze that blows. Thanks for this meaningful post.

  6. I prefer the previous one but perhaps this dark hue is about changing things up. It is still beautiful but it is a bit lifeless. On that regard it really needs color for it to shine in my opinion.

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