My New Tractor

Today was a day I had been eagerly awaiting; it was the day my dream tractor finally arrived at our farm, and oh, what a sight it was! A beautiful green John Deere, gleaming under the sunlight, stood before me, ready to embark on countless adventures in the vast expanse of our land.

The moment I laid eyes on it, I felt a surge of excitement and anticipation coursing through my veins. As a woman who has spent the past few years maintaining this land, I’ve spent countless hours tending to the property. Having a reliable and efficient tractor by my side had always been a dream of mine. It symbolized progress, empowerment, and a newfound level of independence.

The John Deere tractor represented more than just a piece of machinery. It was a powerful ally, a trusted companion that would aid me in my tasks, making them easier and more efficient. With its sturdy build and advanced features, it promised to be an invaluable asset in managing our farm operations. From plowing, to mowing and hauling, this green beauty was ready to take on the challenges that lay ahead.

As the tractor was carefully unloaded from the trailer and positioned in its designated spot, I couldn’t help but run my hands along its smooth exterior. The scent of fresh paint mingled with the earthy aroma of the farm, creating a heady mix that intoxicated my senses. It was a moment of pure bliss, a culmination of years of hard work and determination.

May 19, 2023


  • Amelia Desertsong

    I was thrilled for you to get this tractor, especially after the many troubles with the last one. But I was also terrified that it wouldn’t quite fit in our garage. To my amazement, it did just clear the doorway, and while much taller, seems to pretty much fit where the Kubota was. I was ecstatic seeing how quickly you were able to mow the lawn, at least two months overdue, in half the time a regular mow would’ve taken you before! It seems we have made a fine investment in this equipment!

    • Thomas Slatin

      I am so happy right now that at long last, everything is working out just the way I had hoped it would. 🙂

      And yes, the tractor just barely cleared the opening of the garage by mere inches, which is what I thought about literally the entire time I was mowing the lawn. The property will soon look better than it ever has before, and I’m excited! This is our home and I absolutely love and adore you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • mydangblog

    I’m a little jealous but not too much because I just got a John Deere riding lawnmower (second hand, refurbished, but still mine)! You know what they say: “Nothing runs like a Deere”!

    • Thomas Slatin

      Well, you can always come and see us. Free tractor rides around the farm. 😉

      This is the THIRD tractor we have purchased since buying our farm. The first was a Troy-Bilt which mowed the property a total of four times before totally destroying itself. The second was a Kubota B series, which worked okay for two years before having major hydraulic and mechanical problems. This tractor is the John Deere 3 series with a pull-behind finishing mower. I’m very excited as this was my dream tractor. Hey, a girl can dream, right??? 😀

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