Prelude To A Mystery

December 2019

11 thoughts on “Prelude To A Mystery

  1. I like the photo contrast settings. It makes the gas station really the center of the photo and all focused there.

  2. That’s the professional touch am talking about. Beautiful choice of colour, nice and and correct effect. The view gives me joy

  3. I love this piece. Fantastic, inspiring and to crown it…..SIMPLY OUTSTANDING. You’ve always shared a master piece

  4. Mystery until you go to a certain place or know a certain person. This looks like a gas station? Why is it in the middle of nowhere? Great photo.

  5. Looks like a really mysterious gasoline station. I wonder what curious things it had seen throughout the night.

  6. Yes, this looks mysterious because I can really state what the photo is about but it is still pleasant to the eyes.

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