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Raindrops On Pine

June 2017


21 responses to “Raindrops On Pine”

  1. Clean and clear photo output you got for us tom. Nice one, keep it up. Raindrops on pine.

  2. Isnt Pines that closes up ones touched? Nice shot, looks like the rain just stopped. Shows proof of professionalism Tom

  3. This picture is beautiful. I love nature and everything that has to do with it, the raindrops on the leaf looks like crystal drops adding more beauty to it. Very nice shots

  4. Very wholesome pic filled with nature and delicacy. Perfectly shot with great definition.

  5. It is always hard when you make raindrops as a subject. However if you do manage to capture it like with this. It is a majestic sight to watch. It takes a lot of skill but the end result is breathe taking.

  6. Wow such a beautiful photo you got. Very relaxing to the eyes. More of this please.

  7. Nature is perfect, everything there is has a reason to exist, the beauty of admiring the little things of life.

  8. This will help to nourish the pine leaf. I like natural for all it’s gift to everything on Earth

  9. beautiful branch of a tree signifying that nature has been favoring it. I always find greenish trees very fruitful.

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