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Science Club

Science Club

September 2019

9 responses to “Science Club”

  1. This is a cool and brilliantly taken photoshoot. The books in the picture I guess is an encyclopedia to guide in sciences. Thanks for this post Tom.

  2. I could almost smell that wonderful scent old books have when you turn its pages. I wonder how many students have pored through its pages while just staying over at the science club after school?

  3. I wonder what scientific mysteries I can unravel by opening these books. This pic definitely makes me want to sneak a peak. Thanks for the cool shot.

  4. These two must be heavy science books that a lot can be unravel. The color edits gives it the serious looks it deserves.

  5. I wonder the kind of scientific books could be. It makes it remember some of my voluminous science text books years back. Good shot by the way.

  6. This is why I prefer E-books as suppose to the published types. Not because I want people to loose their jobs but rather due to the fact that they can be preserved more than the tangible like this one.

  7. This are old,scruffy books..I wonder if our kids still read today.. They prefer fingering their phones

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