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September 2017

29 responses to “Stagnant”

  1. This pool is totally in an unbelievable state; what could have caused this. The pool turning to a dumping site.

  2. Wow, was this once a swimming pool? Oh my gosh , it looks like a place where art work is being done.

  3. This is definitely be at stagnant stage as there is no flowing water in the pool. The pool looks unkept.

  4. So sad to see such place desolated and unwell.I hope the owners will think twice before leaving their property into ashes.

  5. This pool is unbelievably poor. It is very messy and I think it needs a lot of repair.

  6. This pool needs serious development, advancement and progressive movement. This will be really useless if not repaired.

  7. The pool is worst off now, I’m sure a must go to place during its early installation. This look really messy now.

  8. It’s sad to see this place abandoned and destroyed. I wonder why did the owners left this place.

  9. Just imagining what this place would have looked like. The whole place in a mess….looks like all features there are been pulled down

  10. This is a static phase and there is no water in the pool . The pool appears isolated.

  11. This picture remindsme of a scene in a movie called Anihilation… the pool looks very zimilar.

  12. Dirty looking pool, can’t be caught Alive in that but you gave it a good shot anyway.

  13. A pool of stagnant things that have been abandoned here. But it looks a little bit cleaner than a dumpsite.

  14. Despite the poor light conditions you still managed a good shot. That’s a testament to your good skills.

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