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    An Errant Heat To The Star

    I sometimes find myself feeling akin to a stray wisp of heat from a distant star—present, yet seemingly inconsequential, lost amidst the grandeur of the universe. This feeling envelops me silently, a whisper of isolation that echoes through the vast chambers of my existence. I have danced through the rhythms of life, weaving my essence into the fabric of my community, my family, and my friendships. Yet, despite these connections, moments arrive unannounced, bringing with them a profound sense of being left out, of being forgotten. These are the moments when laughter and conversation swirl around me, not quite touching me, when I feel like an observer in my own…

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    Reflections On Love, Growth, And The Irony Of Fate

    Recently, I found myself wrapped in the warmth of a familiar conversation, this time with a friend who had recently embarked on the beautiful journey of marriage. It’s funny how life’s moments like these can prompt us to look back on our own paths, the choices we’ve made, and the people who have shaped us. My friend’s newfound happiness brought me back to my own story of love, friendship, and the serendipitous twists of fate that led me to my wife, Amelia. Amelia and I share a bond that many doubted because we are both INFJs. It’s a rare Myers-Briggs personality type, known for its intuition, sensitivity, and empathy. People…

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    Thomas Slatin, On Love Versus A Soulful Connection

    I’ve heard numerous people express their love for me, and it’s sparked some reflection. When someone bares their soul to you in such a heartfelt manner, it’s almost instinctual to feel a profound connection with them. I see this not so much as love in the traditional sense, but as one of the purest forms of human connection—embracing another’s soul. It feels very much like love. Thomas Slatin

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    The Art Of Departure: How People Exit Your Life

    Hello, lovely readers. This is Thomas writing to you from a corner of my world, filled with thoughts and heartbeats. Today, I’d like to discuss a topic close to my heart—when relationships end, followed by the departure of people from our lives, and the profound insights it offers about them and ourselves. Let’s face it, the ebbs and flows of relationships can be challenging. There is so much emotion and growth intertwined in the process of bonding, and equally so in the process of parting. Everyone, at some point, will have had someone important drift away or abruptly exit from their lives. The way in which these people leave tells…

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    Celebrating Amelia’s 36th Birthday

    The sky was painted with hues of gold as the sun came up on another glorious day. I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty surrounding me, knowing that it paled in comparison to the woman who holds my heart. Today is my wife’s 36th birthday, and I am filled with gratitude and excitement as we celebrate the quirks that make her the extraordinary person she is. From the moment I met her, I knew there was something different about this woman, who would become the love of my life. Her vibrant spirit, warm smile, and unconventional ways attracted me like a moth to a flame. As our relationship blossomed,…

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    In A Sea Full Of Oysters, I Finally Found My Pearl

    Today I went to visit my mom for the day, and returned to the house where I had spent the majority of my childhood. My mom took me to lunch at my friends restaurant. When we walked in, we were seated immediately, though nobody from my home town seemed to recognize me. My friend who owned the restaurant asked me if I was okay, as she hadn’t seen me post any recent updates on Facebook. I explained that yes, I was doing just fine and that she wouldn’t see any status updates as I had deleted my social media awhile ago. She could see the pain in my eyes and…

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    Summer Camp And The Breakup Playlist

    Today I thought about the time when my relationship with Angie was nearing the end, and I returned to my old summer camp in search of solace. I spent a week at my old summer camp, wandering around remembering the ghosts of what once was, and yet it now feels like a lifetime ago in some forgotten dream. Nostalgia is the overwhelming desire to return to the way things used to be, yet refusing to acknowledge the fact that things will never be the same as they were, and our memories are often jaded. Life is beautiful it seems, when I am lost in my own reverie, yet I often…

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    The World I Came Into Has Gotten Too Scary

    My earliest memories are of being a small child sitting on the marble floor of our Greenwich Village apartment. There was something comforting in the coolness of that floor, in its immovability, in its seeming lack of opinion or judgment. It was a respite from the complexities of life in a large city with multiple families living in upstairs apartments under one roof. All my difficulties felt as if they could be put aside for a few moments in that little corner, next to the refrigerator. I could take comfort in the simple, repetitive task of sorting and stacking colorful blocks, ignoring the struggles in the wider world around me.…

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    Friendship And The Life I Left Behind

    When I was younger, like so many others, I thought that best friends were people who knew me better than anyone else in the world and with whom I shared everything. That was certainly true of me, my best friend and I were like siblings! As we grew up, things started to change. We both had jobs and responsibilities now. There were no longer any more sleepovers or wild adventures to be had; it seemed that our friendship wasn’t meant to last forever after all! The memories of the life I left behind come to me in waves, like whispers in the night. Although the time has passed and the…

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    Send Me An Angel To Love

    I’ve always been a mysterious person, always full of secrets, dark, painfully introspective and overwhelmingly observant. I’m the kind of person who will tell you the truth, but only if you ask me point-blank what’s bothering me or what I’m thinking about; otherwise, I’ll just keep it to myself and let you continue your assumptions about me. I’m the type of person who refuses to talk about myself in social situations, who never really lets anyone in to see what’s beneath the surface and who keeps it all hidden away. When I was younger, I would often look to the sky, wishing for the universe to send me an angel…