The Contents Of My Head

What is one thing nobody knows about you because nobody ever cared to ask?

There is so much going on within the confines of my own mind.  All through the day, empty thoughts fill my ears, at night, dreams and visions of things and situations never to become reality play before my eyes.  Often times there is a fire storm of thoughts like a freight train running through my head, other times, a lonely and uncomfortable silence takes over.  The thoughts linger; empty ones for a brief period of time, while those which are important and meaningful seemingly fleeting.

There are so many things nobody knows about me, because nobody has ever asked.  Truth be revealed, I knew before I turned 18 that I wanted to become a writer.  I spent much of my time writing in cheap composition books, believing in a very naive way that perhaps the contents might get published in a book someone might buy at a book store, when in reality it contained the drivel of a post-abuse PTSD sufferer.  The title of the book was going to be The Contents Of My Head.  Who would buy such a book?  Who knows for sure; I know that I wouldn’t.

The featured image was taken in Tahawus, New York, and is part of this collection.  The writing prompt was taken from this list of 130 Journal Writing Prompts.


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