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Treasures Slowly Fade

Treasures Slowly Fade

July 2019

15 responses to “Treasures Slowly Fade”

  1. This house has seen better days..its only wise to pull it down because the building is not in great shape..I don’t think it can be revamped

  2. Your photography works normally gets me hooked up on memories. The house looked old and weak though. Thanks for this wise picture.

  3. Looking at the picture, i am so such that at a time this building would had been the most beautiful building around and now, probably abandon. Of a truth, treasure do fades slowly! Nice shot, Thomas!

  4. Yes I’m very sure this house was actually a treasure years ago but it has been left to rot away years later. But the photograph of it is so clear.

  5. The caption really befit the photo. This treasure then is in ruins now. I wonder why the building was abandoned.

  6. I wouldn’t park my car close to that house. There’s no telling when it may come tumbling down.

  7. I bet this house was glorious in its hey days. The design and overall outlook is very lovely.

  8. My dad had a land tover quite similar to the one in this photo. This just takes me back to my innocent childhood days.

  9. I feel like that nice Land Rover’s out of place next to that diminished house. Right now, it looks like a gust of wind could knock it down.

  10. It’s very sad how to see a big place like this fel in pieces. I wish this could be saved .

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