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What are your beliefs in regards to cosmetic or plastic surgery?

What are your beliefs in regards to cosmetic or plastic surgery?

27 responses to “What are your beliefs in regards to cosmetic or plastic surgery?”

  1. Cosmetics and plastic surgery are great to enhance one’s confidence. Nothing beats having natural beauty for me.

  2. Plastic surgery procedures are often an option for those who want to improve their appearance. There are many reasons that make someone undergo a plastic surgery procedure, however, whatever it is, the decision to undergo plastic surgery is a personal matter.

  3. I don’t mind anyone doing it, but as long as it doesn’t make a big difference to someone’s appearance. Especially if this can increase one’s self-confidence and even make one’s life improve for the better.

  4. Different strokes but for me I don’t subscribe to it. I prefer my natural attributes. We will all age despite plastic surgery, so no need stressing myself.

  5. I really believe in natural beauty. I really don’t like plastic surgery as much, unless it’s to correct a certain physical flaw that could hinder one’s day to day life.

  6. Well I do not condemn it for sure. If your job requires it why not> We all have the right to look good. The only issue is when is enough truly enough? I am not kidding I have seen people seduced by this that at the end they end up regretting the results.

  7. Cosmetics and plastic surgery is of great help especially to those persons that need it. Some of their patient do undergo this procedure that may enhance their self- beauty.

  8. Plastic surgery is now the criteria of beauty for today’s generation. But to some people, this is just a means of enhancement to one’s physical beauty. People tends to undergo this procedure out of convenience but I still believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so there is no need doing plastic surgery.

  9. I’m not against plastic surgery, however, I think the results are not always warrantied, and it involves high risks so I would think it well before doing something.

  10. I like to enhance my features maybe my stomach next year. I really need a flat tummy to go with my toned body

  11. I personally don’t like surgery of a thing because in my part of the world, we have quack doctors. Well its good for those that need it .

  12. I think that plastic surgery is not so good or important to be beautiful, you can have the body you want with a good training discipline, for me plastic surgery is just vanity and I find it very risky.

  13. I think more people are focusing on physical appearances. Having a good physical appearance may help boost self confidence but are they really confident within? There’s nothing wrong in enhancing one’s beauty as long as their mental health is not compromised.

  14. I think everyone should have the freedom to be in charge of their appearance. That being said, I think it’s good not to be overly vain and except some imperfections, knowing that no one’s flawless and there’s something to be admired by natural beauty.

  15. I am kind of in the middle with this. There are aspects of it that I like and some that I don’t.

  16. In some cases, plastic surgery can actually save lives. A good example is facial reconstruction after an accident.

  17. Plastic surgery is fine but it shouldn’t be overdone. I know people that have had more than a few dozen surgeries and they look terrible because of it.

  18. Plastic surgery and cosmetics are really meant to enhance beauty. Natural beauty for me is better though.

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