Would Not Come

I spent all afternoon yesterday hopelessly agonizing over my writing, trying to write down anything but the words would not come.

– Excerpt from my writing notebook, July 28, 2014 @ 11:00 AM.

would not come

There are times in the lives of every writer when they inevitably feel like they are not good enough, or their writing is somehow inferior or sub-par.  Writers tend to be perfectionists when it comes to their writing, myself included.

Every writer, at some point, feel a mental roadblock.  Recently, I felt such a block.  Despite my own ritualistic approach to writing, which generally starts with coffee and/or a long walk, for whatever reason, I hit a wall with my mental process.  Hard.  It took several days to recover; I was mentally spent after dealing with things I had to take care of in my own life, outside of my work.

It’s times like these when the writing just would not come.  For these times, I have created writing prompts, of which I’m likely going to begin to use for my writing. Who knows, perhaps I’ll come up with some interesting writing…

The header image is a photograph of the original writing I scribbled in my Moleskine notebook.

130 Journal Writing Prompts! | Draft No. 4 | How To Overcome A Creative Block


  • Tracey Tobin

    I deal with this regularly. It’s like my brain just shuts off. That’s part of why I enjoy blogging…it allows me to write about things that are much easier to write about, so it ensures that I’m still writing. When it comes to writing fiction, however, I’ve found that NaNoWriMo is the boost I need. Pity it’s a limited time thing. 🙂

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