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Writing On The Walls

Writing On The Walls


11 responses to “Writing On The Walls”

  1. I love all the hand-prints and the messy decor. There’s a lot of decadence and debauchery invoked in this photo.

  2. The most striking one is the fist and the foot pictures on the wall. Seems like someone wanted to make sure there presence is felt in the room.

  3. I am not exactly an over the top too organized kind of girl but this is too much. Do not get wrong there is beauty in chaos but in this case It must be from afar. Getting near it no way. This is dangerous.

  4. The small hand prints are kind of creepy. I just remembered the original Blair Witch movie and the scene where the house Rustin Parr lived in was shown with the same unsettling hand prints all over its walls. This is not some abandoned building I’d want to find myself in if I get lost in the woods.

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