April 2018

17 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. Thanks, Lisa! I would have loved to have gotten a closer view but there were very nosy neighbors watching from both sides of this house. It happens sometimes.

  2. A fine yellowish hue and an almost dreamlike photo. It also looks like a relaxing getaway down in the countryside.

  3. Wonder photoshoot from you my hero. Yellow is a sensitive color for me. The environment looks cool and lonely. Thanks for the post.

  4. The overall yellow tone in this photograph is really good. Did you use some kind of filter? In any case, another excellent photograph from you, looking forward to more wonderful ones.

  5. What a lovely home. I would love to live in a house like that. It seems so peaceful. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  6. Now this is a good picture on what a house in a farm should look like. I can do without the tree or at least make it a leafy one as suppose to the creepy one that we got but that is just a nitpick. Great shot overall.

  7. Explicit, professionalism, simplicity. Those words are too small to explain what I see in this picture. The photographers can relate. Once again sharing is caring.

  8. Itlooks like a nice house, I’m wondering why it hass the Windows broken, I hope it’s not abandoned.

  9. A farm house looking just the way it should. I would have just calmly spend my summer days here and enjjoy everything about the environment.

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