June 2019

15 thoughts on “Cleanliness

  1. This must have been some kind of storage warehouse. Looks like it hasn’t been used for quite some time though.

  2. The building looks untidy and rough. Sure it must be an abandoned warehouse. Nice photographic work there man. Thanks a lot for this.

  3. The building doesn’t look clean to me. Maybe it will be a lot better with a retouch. Nice shot still.

  4. The building is far from clean.. Its really scruffy..dirty..its an eyesore..I don’t understand why some humans are just plain dirty

  5. Does this caption really depict this pic, I think there are two opposite thing. The place I’m viewing need a clean up,unless that is what you mean.

  6. Wow that place looks amazing. I want to go there and look around. Thank you so much for sharing this! Love your photos.

  7. A big space, its like a warehouse to me. One should always observe cleanliness especially if it is a warehouse.

  8. I like that there are clean surroundings in this photo, but still a lot going on. The blotched wall with the tiled bricks has a narly feel to it and the floor adds an interesting dynamic with its blue and green surfaces. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Is it weird to say that I am not used to see a clean shot? I mean sure the wall might be painted but it is neat overall. It is very different than your previous work. Good job.

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