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Diamond In The Rough


Finding a good blog is like finding a diamond in the rough. A truly good blog is few and far between. In a world full of everyone shouting, it is that whisper that so inaudible that is what one searches forever just to find.

Here is a random smattering of blog posts I have discovered recently that deserve a mention.

I Kissed Christianity Goodbye: Four Stories About Leaving Religion | Somewhere in Arizona | 12/8/14 | Another Black & White Memory “La Tacita de Oro” 1986 | Berlin. Day 3. | Finding Nirvana. | Birds on the Wire…. | Because Chair | Adventures of an Introvert | Blue Winter | Lost… | Rain | Gillette Castle | Clinging | Maison Boon | Late night meditations | My Favorite Images of 2014: Part 2 | NC Wild Things | Abandoned Bowling Green | Laundry 1989 | Introductions: Jim Worrall | December Landscape | Woolworth’s 1985 | “Double Dutch” Harlem 1988 | “A Carny comes to Coney” 2014 | “The YALE Truck” West Side Highway 1985 | LTD II Taxicab 1988 | “The Last 1960’s Taxi in New York City” 1985 | Some Thoughts On Shooting Film | Lonely mornings | Mount Baker | Winter 1987 | Heading to St.Joe | Express Dialing | Writing is cheaper than therapy or drugs. | Weekend Edition – Writers, Better with Age plus Good Reads and Writing Tips | rusted | Broken | A Special Talk about Specials

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