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April 2018

13 responses to “Optimistic”

    • I photographed this house some years prior; returning to this place after a few years had passed showed me just how much decay can occur in a relatively small amount of time, especially when combined with repeated acts of vandalism.

      This is also the location the photograph, Bibliomania was taken.

  1. The place is kinda taking a last breath before falling down and dissapear. Beatiful picture, tough it makes me feel a Little sad.

  2. From your response here Tom, I now understand how you caption your photo. Yeah damsge can be rapidy done and leave one Wonder the quick duration.

  3. Even after all this time, the paint is still there, though faded. Certainly that’s something to be quite optimistic about.

  4. Tom the great photographer. The house looks old and unkept to some extent. I love the picture quality. Thanks for this post for it is really optimistic.

  5. This looks good and looking at the previous notions, It seems that this house went though a lot and now have changed for the better. That is really optimism at its best.

  6. The house i believe it can be repurposed for something else; acting perhaps, The scene of an haunted place or a story of what used to be.

  7. This is like the bones will live again, well, it always good to have faith. When once the building is renovated all will be well.

  8. Thoughtful caption considering it’s a bright blue house on a cloudy day with withered trees surrounding it. You’ve given hope and livelihood to this home.

  9. This could have been a picture that could spark optimism during it’s heyday. All things pass I guess especially for those not kept properly.

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