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16 responses to “Zig-Zag”

  1. Thousands of abandoned buildings we have everywhere this days. It hurt my soul see them not in use at any capacity. We need to revive the heritage of ours. Thanks tom for always sharing professional piece.

  2. Abandoned properties everywhere, but these ones are more damaged like what really happened to them

  3. Interesting photo. I wonder where you found this building. It seems really old and rusty. Amazing photo though!

  4. Another wasted building rotting away. I don’t know why these houses can’t be refurbished on time to avoid them collapsing this way.

  5. grea picture, i love that is black and white and makes me think of the scene of a post apocaliptic movie

  6. It looks like the stairs have already given up under the cruel passage of both time and unrelenting punishment from the elements. Nothing really looks like it could be saved from that run down old lodge as the wood might also have already rotted too.

  7. It would look good on a boat or something that zigzag motif I mean. The wood can be used for something else since it does not look like that damage or that old. Even if it is at least you can have a lot of firewood for it.

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