I Will Walk Into Your Garden

June 2019

11 thoughts on “I Will Walk Into Your Garden

  1. I will definitely walk into your garden if it has plants like the one you posted..Its really beautiful.. What’s the name of the plant?

  2. What a beautiful garden this can brighten and refresh someone’s day with nice and relaxing fragrance

  3. That is a very welcoming plant. The focus is exceptional, especially with the little droplets. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Any well planted and nurtured garden is worth walking into. That green plant up there was well nurtured.

  5. I love how you captured the water droplets on the leaves while blurring out the background. I don’t get the title of it though.

  6. It looks stunning how the water dew looks like. It’s like a fine diamond in the middle of a green pasteur. Amazingly beautiful.

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