• Diary

    We Witnessed A Partial Eclipse

    As the twilight sun gave way to an eerie midday darkness, Amelia and I stood in the fields of our Vermont farm, our eyes turned skyward. The day had been marked on our calendar with anticipation: an astronomical event promised a full eclipse, a rare alignment that would shroud our world in an otherworldly twilight. But nature, in her unpredictable artistry, scripted a different spectacle. Instead of the complete darkness we expected, we witnessed a partial eclipse. The moon nibbled at the sun’s edge, crafting a crescent of light that seemed too mystical to belong to our everyday sky. The light that filtered through this celestial interplay was unlike any…

  • Diary

    Redefining Success: A Journey Beyond Conventional Achievement

    In quiet reflection, I often ponder the evolution of success. This concept, so deeply ingrained in our collective psyche, has undergone a significant transformation, particularly in the 21st century. My journey through life has led me to challenge the conventional notions of success, embracing the shifts in societal values that redefine what it means to truly achieve and be fulfilled. Every morning, as the first light of dawn breaks the horizon, I step out onto the back porch of our house, greeting the day with a ritual that grounds me. There, I take a long, contemplative look over my property, embracing the ever-changing beauty of the landscape that unfolds before…

  • Diary

    Watching Trains At Howe Center, Rutland, Vermont

    This afternoon, my wife, Amelia suggested that I go take pictures of trains. Today, I decided to embrace that idea of watching trains at The Howe Center in Rutland, Vermont, and captured GMTX 2687. Living in Vermont, I’ve always been fascinated by the rustic charm and historical significance that intertwines with modern life here. There’s a certain allure to the old-world meeting the new. What better place to capture pictures of trains than at the Howe Center in Rutland, Vermont? I’ve talked about this place for ages, captivated by stories and the rich history it holds, yet, for some reason, I never visited. So, I grabbed my camera, a Leica…

  • Photography

    Another Cold And Frosty Morning

    As I opened my eyes this morning, the first thing that greeted me was the heavy fog blanketing our farm. It’s December, and the cold has settled in, leaving a frosty kiss on every blade of grass and tree. The weather here, though unpredictable, never fails to amaze me. Each day brings its own unique beauty, and today, the world outside seems like a serene wonderland, shrouded in a misty veil. It’s moments like these that remind me why I cherish living on the farm, where nature’s whims are a constant, yet splendid surprise. December 2023

  • Writing

    Reckless Driving By Local Volunteer Ambulance Company

    If volunteers wish to be regarded as unpaid professionals, they must uphold the same standards as their salaried counterparts. To whom it may concern: I write this letter to shed light on a distressing incident I recently experienced on the roads of Vermont. It deeply concerns me not just as an individual, but from my professional perspective as a former career Firefighter and Paramedic Lieutenant. While traveling, I was abruptly forced off the road by a local volunteer ambulance company that seemed to exhibit a blatant disregard for safe driving practices. What was even more alarming was the fact that the ambulance chose to overtake my vehicle on a blind…

  • Photography

    The 3rd Annual Middletown Springs Town Gathering

    The 3rd annual Middletown Springs Town Gathering was held on Sunday, September 24, 2023, in Middletown Springs, Vermont. We hope you’ll join what’s becoming a wonderful tradition in Middletown Springs—the Annual Town Gathering! What started as a way to come together emerging from the pandemic—and a special opportunity to welcome a small influx of newcomers—has evolved into a celebration of neighbors and neighborliness, no matter whether you’re a remote-working newcomer or a tale-spinning old timer! So, join your neighbors in Mineral Springs Park on Sunday, September 24, 3:30-5pm to have some fun, eat some delicious food and meet each other.—Middletown Springs Newsletter, September 2023 You are free to use these…

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    Obscure Curiosities

    Weird Vermont: The Most Eccentric Town and City Names

    Welcome to the world of Weird Vermont, where we delve into the most eccentric and odd town and city names of the state. With amusing and bizarre names like Cozy Corner and Mosquitoville, Vermont’s unique and peculiar place names never cease to fascinate us. But what’s the story behind these names? What inspired their creation, and what historical or cultural context do they have? Here we will investigate the origins of Vermont’s weirdest place names and uncover the fascinating and often surprising tales behind them. Join us as we embark on a journey through the strange and quirky landscape of Vermont’s towns and cities, where the names themselves are as…